Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This past Sunday was our/my first event and OMFG it was FUN!

Picked up my Dad (who used to race in the 70's & 80's) at 7am and we were an hour north in 45 minutes! When we got there the course designers were just finishing the set-up and it was nice to see that we weren't using the rough section of the course at all except to slow down after the finish line.

Shortly after My Dad and I got there the rest of the crew from ROFLwagens.com showed up. There was a great VW turnout. Hell, there was a great euro turn out. BMW and Porsche were there in full effect as well.

The course was VERY easy to follow (for me at least) even though is crossed over itself a couple of times. There was a nice hard right turn down in the back of the course that was fun to go into hot and nail the gas on the way out of.

The wagon did well for me. The tires seemed to push a lot but I could have been oversteering. The rear sway bar did it's job and the exhaust sounded good on the video my dad took. I may get some up soon. Anyways I wound up 3rd out of 4 in ST class! I'll take it! Got 31st with PAX out of 56! I'll take that too!

Again the Mo-Hud SCCA group runs such a great event! Thank you guys for making this happen!

Thanks to my Dad for the photos! :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Back to the exhaust issue.
Today I went to Broadway Auto in Schenectady to have the resinator bypassed. I got there first thing in the morning and by the time I walked up a couple blocks to Dunkin Doughnuts for an Iced Coffee and got back they were done.
$40 later it sounds... good... I guess. I'm on the fence on the sound to be honest. There is a rattle in the factory parts somewhere and it sounds a tad fart cannon-ish. IDK if it's just when it's cold or what but... We'll see.