Monday, December 26, 2011

Been a while. :(

I totally slacked on this blog this past season. Fatherhood takes it's toll on free time.

I however DID manage to get my wife into autocross this season! She drives a 328xi in D-Stock and is LOVING it!

As for the wagon:
I am still having a blast driving it! I feel this car is still very capable and the Mk4 platform has a BOAT LOAD of aftermarket support! I have however noticed that the front end needs camber. Camber is not adjustable on this car and most camber plates need the smaller diameter coliover springs to be able to move the spring over enough to give you more camber. Since I have no plans to get coils AND camber then I guess I'm stuck with none.

In other wagon news it will become an antocross specific car once I get my "new" Mk5 TDI for daily use. So expect to see camber one way or another eventually!

To get ready for 2012 I need to replace my strut bearings... and thats it! This '01 is SOLID!