Monday, December 26, 2011

Been a while. :(

I totally slacked on this blog this past season. Fatherhood takes it's toll on free time.

I however DID manage to get my wife into autocross this season! She drives a 328xi in D-Stock and is LOVING it!

As for the wagon:
I am still having a blast driving it! I feel this car is still very capable and the Mk4 platform has a BOAT LOAD of aftermarket support! I have however noticed that the front end needs camber. Camber is not adjustable on this car and most camber plates need the smaller diameter coliover springs to be able to move the spring over enough to give you more camber. Since I have no plans to get coils AND camber then I guess I'm stuck with none.

In other wagon news it will become an antocross specific car once I get my "new" Mk5 TDI for daily use. So expect to see camber one way or another eventually!

To get ready for 2012 I need to replace my strut bearings... and thats it! This '01 is SOLID!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wilton Mall Event #3!

Some people don't like the idea of a short course but I'm telling you the course Burt from MoHud put together was 30-some-odd seconds of pure joy! This time another figure 8 with a partial double over made for an awesome time!

My wife even entered in her 328xi auto! She had a blast and with the help of a VERY experienced driver she shaved 12 seconds off her time and never hit a single cone!

I wound up steering the wagon to second place in ST! I had the ST FTD for the morning session until Carmine, a very smooth driver, got me by a half second in the afternoon.

The wagon is holding up amazingly! The motor is running VERY strong with 169k on the clock, the new rear Bilstien's seemed to make a nice difference in the way the rear end behaved! I had one blown Bilstien in the back so to get 2 good and new shocks back there was a must.

I have a new favorite job while working. GRID! It's a great way to get to know the other drivers that you wouldn't normally get a chance to see if you were out on the course.

Our next event is at the best site we have in our region! Fortitech! AND we have a Test-n-Tune on Saturday followed by the points event Sunday! Probably going to get in the neighborhood of 16 to 17 runs that weekend if the weather cooperates!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New stuff.

Timing chain started to rattle so...

New Chains & Guides

New clutch, flywheel & pressure plate

New Thermostat

New Serpintene belt

New motor mounts

New lower ball joint mount bolts

New intake & K&N cone filter

While the flywheel was off I figured I'd machine it:

... so it weighs:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rookie of the Year?

Quoted from the MoHud SCCA's website:

Novice of the year.
The 2010 winner was the toughest pick of the year. We had several nominees that made impressive debuts. For the winner, while some of his finishes were not as good as the other nominees; they were respectable for what was arguably the most difficult car to drive. To quote one of the committee members “His driving is pretty consistent, and I think he’s got a real good mix of aggression and calculation. I did not witness him “pushing through a push”. He looks smooth, reasonably early and close to the cones”. What was the deciding factor for picking this nominee was his willingness to help out in both setting up and tearing down the event. This year’s winner is Allan Varcoe.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Event 6 Fortitech/My Driving

This past Sunday 9/19/10 was MoHud region's 6th event held at Fortitech, a company with a sweet parking lot that is used/used to be used for NY State Trooper Driving training. So it was more of a tour style event in the sence that the course was longer.

This course highlighted one of my biggest weaknesses as a driver.
The Slalom.
I used to almost ALWAYS take out cones on the passenger side. I then over compensate by leaving a few feet between the passenger rear wheel and the cone. This makes my slalom's choppy and the wagon usualy goes bonkers. This course had 3 slalom's and it was a higher speed course so I had to do or die. Trust me I tried dying a few times but then it just seemed to click. I was keeping the car flatter through the cones and coming out at what seemed like a more speed. Strange how when forced to do something you can get better at it.

As for the wagon, I am totaly realizing that it can do more than I can do to it! I want to have one of the advanced drivers at the next event drive it with me. Anything to learn more about driving and seeing what the wagon can do sounds good to me.

I also got a ride in EJ's Evo (driven by Jeff K.) HOLY SHIT! That car is VERY impressive. It runs in SM class on some WIDE 285mm tires with a ton of mods. I noticed how much better a good set of seats are over the FLAT stock Jetta seats. This EVO has factory seats however they are Recaro's and very nicely bolstered. After my ridealong I realilzed that I move my body around a LOT while on the course. I may try to find some GTI seats over the winter.

I also got to use the camera mount I made.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Test-n-Tune Time

This past Saturday was a MoHud Region Test-n-Tune and my first TnT.

We got like 10 runs in... idk I lost count. Got a few pointers from some experienced racers and I really think I made improvments or at least am awaer of what I am doing wrong! :)

My strut brace is finally done. Once I mount it I'll post pics!

Wagon is doing great! Have a new urathane dogbone mount too now. That seems to get the power to the ground a bit firmer. So far I like it!
Brace pics!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Event 2 at OGS

Over a week late but hey...
Had the second MoHud event in the wagon. It was raining as we got there, then it stopped just before the 1st group. Mid way through the first group we had to stop because of lightening. After a 1.5 hour delay we were back at it. Finished up the first group and then we got our first runs in. The course was still wet and I plowed a couple of cones. I tried to turn too fast and just kept going straight. Ah well.

The sun had come out and the day was starting to turn beautiful for the first group's second set when the sky turned BLACK and a wall of water dumped out of the sky. We scurried to shelter where we stayed for probably another hour. Then the sun came out with a vengeance! We finished up with the first group and the course was actually getting dry!

Time for the wagon's second chance. 3 of us in ST class were neck and neck! A 2 door Saturn, Civic DX Coupe and I were all within a couple of tenths.

My runs in the wagon were getting better and better with my last run hitting 40.050! I think with 1 more lap I could have broken into the 39's.

In the end of the day after cone violations I got 2nd! Not bad! I was psyched!

So far I like the low end power of the VR6. Is it front heavy? I don't really know but I feel it's controllable. I'd like to try a TDI or 1.8T wagon for comparison.

I am making a strut brace at work. I'm a machinist and I have access to a TIG welder so we'll see how it comes out. I'll post pics when I'm done.

Somewhat dry.

Wet 3 wheeling!