Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Event 6 Fortitech/My Driving

This past Sunday 9/19/10 was MoHud region's 6th event held at Fortitech, a company with a sweet parking lot that is used/used to be used for NY State Trooper Driving training. So it was more of a tour style event in the sence that the course was longer.

This course highlighted one of my biggest weaknesses as a driver.
The Slalom.
I used to almost ALWAYS take out cones on the passenger side. I then over compensate by leaving a few feet between the passenger rear wheel and the cone. This makes my slalom's choppy and the wagon usualy goes bonkers. This course had 3 slalom's and it was a higher speed course so I had to do or die. Trust me I tried dying a few times but then it just seemed to click. I was keeping the car flatter through the cones and coming out at what seemed like a more speed. Strange how when forced to do something you can get better at it.

As for the wagon, I am totaly realizing that it can do more than I can do to it! I want to have one of the advanced drivers at the next event drive it with me. Anything to learn more about driving and seeing what the wagon can do sounds good to me.

I also got a ride in EJ's Evo (driven by Jeff K.) HOLY SHIT! That car is VERY impressive. It runs in SM class on some WIDE 285mm tires with a ton of mods. I noticed how much better a good set of seats are over the FLAT stock Jetta seats. This EVO has factory seats however they are Recaro's and very nicely bolstered. After my ridealong I realilzed that I move my body around a LOT while on the course. I may try to find some GTI seats over the winter.

I also got to use the camera mount I made.

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