Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yes, a Jetta Wagon may not be the picture perfect car for autocross but it is however the perfect car for my lifestyle.

I'm a very happily married father of a 1 year old boy and my wife and I also ride BMX so the wagon fits like a glove. I'm also a bit of a shade tree mechanic so I try to do all of the work to my car myself. (I'll list what I've done to the car in future postings)

It's a 2001 12 valve VR6 which may help or hinder as an autocross car, I don't know. You see I haven't raced the car yet. I haven't EVER raced autocross! The VR6 is said to be too front heavy making the car unbalanced. I'm hoping that the heavier ass end of the wagon will help shift that center back a tad. Either way I wouldn't know any different so whatever.

The first autocross event is coming up shortly (April 24th & 25th 2010) so we'll see. Of course I'll keep you posted.


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