Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some Wagon Mods

The first thing I wanted to do was the ride height. Since the factory shocks/struts were kinda shot I knew I needed those all around. I did some homework as to what set-up I wanted and I came to H&R. They make Wagon specific sport springs. OK, done. The choice was easy in the spring department. Shocks/struts were sorta a no brainer to me. You can't go wrong with Billstein!

So as I'm about to buy them I get a PM from a guy on VWvortex selling EXACTLY the set-up I want down in Queens for $200!!!! DONE!

After installing the new suspenders the wagon took on a whole new attitude on the road but it still had that fat wagon ass swaying around back there.

Found another guy on Vortex selling a 28mm Neuspeed rear sway bar for $60! Granted I had to find some of the hardware on my own but it was under $15 for everything.

The sway bar went on in less than an hour and made a HUGE difference! Let me tell you! From now on EVERY CAR I OWN WILL HAVE ONE! The rear stays flat as hell and reduces understeer greatly!


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